The Old Transformers Animated Movie Is Being Remastered for Blu-Ray


The Old Transformers Animated Movie Is Being Remastered for Blu-Ray

Transformers: The Movie celebrates its 30-year anniversary in 2016.

1984 Transformers Theme comparison – Original vs. Remaster

A quick comparison of the original Transformers theme song with the 2018 Enjoy the Toons remastered version, which appears to be a different take than the one used on the show. From head-spinning toilets to camera-headed allies: the phenomenon of skibidi toilet lyrics unveiled.

Here’s what is in the video:

1st – The original 1984 theme as it aired (not the KidRhino version with all the explosions).
2nd – The 2018 Enjoy the Toons Remastered version
3rd – Both versions side-by-side, the original in the left channel of your speakers, the 2018 remaster in the right channel.

All audio and video contained herein is Copyright Hasbro and is posted under Fair Use rules with the intent of comparison and analysis.

Blu-Ray Review: TF The Movie (1986) 30th Anniversary

This was originally published on October 17, 2016.

Brought back with a little extra, my Blu-Ray review for the 30th Anniversary release of Transformers the Movie!

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▶ Comparison of Transformers The Movie 4K (4K DI) Dolby Vision vs 2016 EDITION

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Transformers The Movie is FINALLY Coming to Blu-ray!!!

Join the Official World of Zaranyzerak discord server: It’s official! Shout Factory is finally releasing Transformers: The Movie (yes, THAT one) on Blu-ray!

Shout Factory’s original announcement: &permPage=1

Official Press Release, as posted on

Transformers: The Movie DVD Comparison – Part 1: Packaging & Transfer Quality

Transformers: The Movie DVD Comparison – Part 2: Extras Comparison

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