Prototype Biohazard Bundle Review


Prototype Biohazard Bundle Review

With this Prototype bundle, the virus is back, but it’s been rendered inert.

DemiGod’s Review: Prototype Biohazard Bundle (Part 2) (Xbox One)

The finale to the 2 parter review for the Prototype Bundle that released for the Next gen consoles.

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DemiGod’s Review: Prototype Biohazard Bundle (Part 1) (Xbox One)

First Half of the Prototype Bundle Review where I review the first Prototype. Also, Checkout the links under this brief description.

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Prototype 2 – Video Review

How did the sequel to the fun yet flawed Prototype fare with our critics? Did it improve upon the formula or did it take a step back? Watch our video review and find out!

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Was PROTOTYPE Actually Good?

Prototype is without a doubt one of the coolest super-hero games ever made, but has it aged well? Let’s find out in this review.

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