Layers of Fear 2 Review – Ghost Ship


Layers of Fear 2 Review – Ghost Ship

Layers of Fear 2 swaps the mind of a tortured painter for one of a tortured actor, setting sail for the high seas in a sequel that disappoints.

SHIP OF MYSTERY – Layers of Fear 2 (Part 1) | Let’s Watch

In this Layers of Fear 2 gameplay, we find ourselves on a boat and look for an early ending.
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Horror Review: Layers Of Fear 2

An actor onboard a cruise ship finds himself being asked by a mysterious director to lose himself in the part, whilst at the same time, some stowaways face hard times. Looking for a hauntingly good time? Immerse yourself in the world of Five Nights at Freddy's. Play it here:


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We’ve been waiting for this game for the longest time, we would highly recommend you get a hold of this!!

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Let’s Play Layers Of Fear 2 | RPS Goes Mad On A Ghost Ship

Hey, let’s play Layers of Fear 2. Or rather, let’s cower as Alice creeps through a ghost ship. In this Layers of Fear 2 PC gameplay we explore the first chapter, entering the bowels of an ocean liner to try and prepare for a role in an upcoming film. It’s all very odd. Expect to see lots of creepy dummies, too. The mannequin kind – we’re not talking about the Rock Paper Shotgun video team.

Our Layers of Fear 2 Let’s Play video takes in the first chapter of the game and gives you an idea of how Layer of Fear 2 gameplay looks on PC. If you fancy getting Layers of Fear 2 Steam, it releases on 28 May. Our early Layers of Fear 2 impressions are so-so – the game has lots of fun with perspective shifts as you explore the impossible corridors of a huge ship, but some of the psychological scares are a bit too subtle to properly get under your skin. It doesn’t help having two squawking idiots in the bottom corner of the screen.

If you fancy reading the full Rock Paper Shotgun verdict, you can read our Layers of Fear 2 review on the site. It’s here: We won’t be doing a full Layers of Fear 2 PC review on the channel – too many other juicy games to play – but the written review definitely does it justice. I guess this video also doubles as a Layers of Fear 2 walkthrough, although there’s not a lot to get stuck on in these early areas. You just follow the given route and click on items to trigger the next bit of spookiness.

If you are playing Layers of Fear 2 PC – or any version for that matter – do share your opinions down in the comments below. Does this live up to the original, or is it just a bit too old fashioned to get under your skin. If this horror game isn;t working for you, maybe suggest some other best horror games on PC – we enjoye a good scare, and appreciate any recommendations. If you wnat to see Rock Paper Shotgun go head to head with other scary PC games, I recommend watching our earlier Let’s Play Visage – a very creepy game that channels the spirit of PT. That’s here:

Or you can watch our ongoing Let’s Play of Divinity original Sin 2. Not very scary, but hopefully entertaining. Thanks for watching and hopefully see you soon. Bye for now!

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