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The general idea behind hard armor plates is to make the material too dense for bullets to penetrate. This is not always possible, but in most cases, it is feasible to make the body armor as lightweight as possible. For instance, ceramic and steel are great options, since they are both lightweight and extremely strong. They also provide unflinching strength. In other words, hard armor is made to fit most budgets, and it protects the body well from a wide variety of threats.

The thickness of the hard armor vest can also depend on local customs. Some armor is only suitable for stopping rifle rounds, while others are designed to protect against pistol and rifle rounds. Although most people have limited gear to carry, the limiting factor in the weight of the vest is the weight. Soft armor, on the other hand, is best for police officers who are often exposed to random threats. This type of hard armor protects the body from the bullets ejected from a firearm.

Hard body armor panels are typically made of steel or ceramic, but can also be made of other durable materials. For example, ceramic is a very light material, and can stop bullets. Metal is also a good choice, as it protects vital organs, although the ballistic coverage is less than that of soft armor. It can be uncomfortable to wear, and can cause heat when worn for long periods (click here). For this reason, hard armor panels are typically used in pairs.